Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lilli&Tom at the Hairdressers

Lilli: After a couple of weeks delay, Florence finally made an appointment at Fifth Avenue Hair Studio in Sandgate for both myself and Tom. We'd been waiting for our promised treat for an entire month! I've been desperate for a freshen up at the hairdressers for ages. These long tresses don't take care of themselves you know. As to Tom, I haven't seen his baby blue eyes since we were setting up for our modeling stay at the Central City Library. He really needed a trim - as you can see in the photo above!! I always start wearing scarves when my hair needs doing, don't you?:)

Tom: I like your scarves Lilli you should wear them more often.

Lilli: Thanks Tom, that's so nice of you to say.

Tom: I was starting to have trouble reading myself, so you were right about me needing a trim. I wish they had some music mags at the hair dresser though, I could only find women's magazines to read while we were waiting.

Lilli: Florence usually brings her own science mags, maybe you should do the same.

Tom: I'll try to remember that for next time Lilli, that's if Florence ever takes us out for a hair cut again. Geesh! How many times did you have to reminder her.

Lilli: She kept saying, "Next week Lilli, I'm just a bit busy now." or "I have to get these toys done for the Sate Library can you wait a bit longer." I mean really I was beginning to feel like we didn't even exist!

Tom: I love coming to the hairdressers! Tracey takes such good care of me.

Lilli: I can see that. But I have my coffee and a fabulous article about Johnny Depp. Hmm pirates...

Lilli: (thinks) It is nice to have some ME time.

Tom: Just a trim thanks Tracey. I don't wont to mess too much with the fro.

Lilli: What just a centimeter off! That's going to grow back sooo fast.

Tom: I'll just have to come back again then won't I.

Lilli: That's if you can con Florence into it.

Tom: Doh!

Lilli: That looks great Trac. Very nice.

Tom: Looking good Lil!

Tom: Tracey you're a genius.

Lilli: Florence, thanks for taking us. I think you can expect Tom will be the one hassling you from now on about coming back.

Tom: aw, come on....well, maybe:)

Florence: No doubt he will Lilli. And now that you've both taken over the reigns of the blog, I suppose I wont be able to get a word in edgewise. I hope you'll let me write from time to time though.

Tom: Oh, sure Flo.

Lilli: Occasionally mind you, after all you're the one saying you're always sooo busy.

Florence: Thanks Tom. Thanks Lilli, I'll try to keep it to a minimum then. I would like thank Tracey and Cheryl from Fifth Avenue Hair Studio in Sandgate Brisbane (07 3269 3625) for being great sports. I've been having my hair done with them for over two years and they've been the best hairdressers I've ever been to. We recommend them.


Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

This sounds a great hairdressers to go to; unfortunately, Brisbane looks a long way for me to go and get a trim.

Great pictures; really well done.

11:50 pm  
Blogger Florence said...

Captain, Tom's so chuffed you stopped by he loves Star Trek. and so do I, oh and Florence really gets into it too. I'll pass on to her that you liked her picts.

xx Lilli

1:02 am  
Blogger Merlyn Gabriel said...

Oh Tom and Lilli, I love what you had done... if it were not so far away I'd be shipping my beetle (ie: rock stars not critters)haired husband to have his hair done too.( the 80s want their hair back but he refuses to return it)

Lilli, do you often wear head scarves? I used to but now I usually have my hair up in place with chopsticks or hair sticks. I had to test the hair styles I write about to see if they really work.. :)


4:08 am  
Blogger Florence said...

Merly, I do like scarves I have quite a lot of them. I would like to wear them more often but it all depends on how often Florence can arrange outing for us. For me its never enough, I love going out. Tom can hang around the house seemingly forever just listening to his ipod but not me.

I haven't tried hair sticks yet. I have very think hair so I have to tie it back most of the time. I'll have to ask Florence to see what she can find for me.

As to your man, maybe if you find a salon that gives a scalp massage along with the hair cut, he might find that he looks forward to the trip. I know Tom can't stop talking about it!


ps I know it says Florence on the top of my comments and has her picture!! but we have yet to make some important adjustments to the blog. If only I was allowed a bit more time on the computer. Florence is such a hog!

6:01 pm  
Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Lilli & Tom, you have a great blog.

Florence is pretty good at it as well.

2:19 am  
Blogger Liana said...

Lilli and Tom I really miss you both. Do you think I could come and visit sometime soon? Perhaps I could bribe you with jewellery.

7:02 am  
Blogger Liana said...

A Knitwit Chunky perhaps? Lilli I really think you could pull off a bright yellow one. What do you think?

7:32 am  
Anonymous virginia said...

great job on these dolls!!!

9:43 am  
Blogger Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oh my! What a great site - I can't wait to come back again :-)

I love your creative spirit!

1:03 am  
Anonymous Tony said...

Good Job! :)

10:00 pm  

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